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Tanning Salon Equipment

 We are the largest and oldest manufacturer and supplier of motorized exercise equipment in the world.

Do you own a tanning salon? Are you looking to attract more customers? Do you want to have a larger offering for your current tanning salon clients? The answer: Slender You® Toning Equipment in your Tanning Salon!

Our Figure Salon toning tables make the perfect addition to services offered by a tanning salon. Tanning and toning can be scheduled as a package option, or tanning clients can use the toning equipment while they wait. Offering additional services at your tanning salon can broaden your client base and create a buzz.

Although not your common tanning salon equipment, Slender You toning beds can make a great addition to your business. If you would prefer to start off with one toning machine, rather than a package of 6 or 12, please visit our home fitness equipment website. If you would like to find out more about our toning salon business opportunity and how it can be incorporated into your tanning salon business, please contact us and let us know you are looking to expand your business with our tanning salon equipment for toning.

The world's leader in providing quality, motorized exercise equipment.

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