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Figure Salon Products

 We are the largest and oldest manufacturer and supplier of motorized exercise equipment in the world.

During each 60 minute workout session, women, seniors and all customers use the 6 different exercise toning machines to increase their energy, mobility, flexibility, and endurance. Each exercise toning machine can handle 6 customers per hour, 12 or more hours per day.

And because these toning machines are so effective, you never have to worry about having enough clients. The reputation of Slender You® and the results experienced by clients keep your fitness business buzzing with patrons clamoring to get a spot in your salon.

Another marketing advantage to having a Slender You® Figure Salon and toning equipment is that unlike most health and fitness clubs, Slender You® does not sell memberships. Customers simply pay as they go. The Slender You® fitness system is so effective that there is really no need to “hook” them with a contract. People want to return regularly on their own.

Since there is no contract to sign and customers pay per visit, they feel like they are receiving an added bonus. That way if they can’t make it to a session, they won’t feel that their money has been wasted.

Make your own money, be your own boss and have a healthy impact on the lives of those in your community by opening up a Slender You® Figure Salon for women’s exercise and senior fitness in your area. Contact us for additional information on owning your own Slender You® Figure Salon and toning equipment.

Toning Tables by Slender You®

1t1_illus Sandbag Table   Feel a gentle massage action on your hips and thighs, as you do 3 isometric exercises. The sandbag gives a resistance massage. Like doing 900 hip rolls, you will feel the tingle..

2t3_illus Leg Table   This circular motion powers your legs through 1700 step repetitions while you pull with your legs in time with the table. The toning table supports your weight so the impact on your hips, knees and ankles is reduced.

3t6_illus Sit-Up Table Works with you to exercise upper stomach and diaphragm while you do breathing exercises. You also do isometrics with your legs and feet. It powers you through 90 repetitions.

4t4_illus Waist, Tummy, Hip Table   Gently raises and lowers your legs, rotates your pelvis, and stretches the lower lumbar area of your back. You work with the toning table as it powers you through 900 repetitions.

5t2_illus Stretch Table   A massage action that works with you to exercise your entire upper body by using your arm weight. Lifts ribcage and improves posture while the sandbag weight stretches your midriff, waist and back.

6t5_illus Vibrator Table   Most clients like these toning machines the best. A gentle oscillating movement allows you to relax areas that you have just worked out on the other toning machines. You’ll leave the salon feeling relaxed and refreshed.

For individual household-use senior exercise equipment, our partner site may have what you’re looking for.

Contact us today and find out how you can get started with your very own Slender You® Salon!

The world's leader in providing quality, motorized exercise equipment.

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