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Commercial Fitness Equipment

 We are the largest and oldest manufacturer and supplier of motorized exercise equipment in the world.



Slender You® offers commercial fitness equipment and advertising packages to start and build your own fitness business. Our company has been around since 1983, with more than 4,000 salons worldwide.

Your commercial establishment doesn’t just receive our toning tables, but also training, advertising, and promotional support to grow your business. Our packages include either the six or twelve toning tables, along with weigh scales, posters, mirrors and tutelage to help you achieve commercial success. Our fitness equipment offers the perfect low impact exercises for any client, including people suffering from aches and pains, poor flexibility, arthritis, joint pain, and even multiple sclerosis.

Please visit our toning tables product page to see the different exercises our machine can perform. Most workout sessions last 60 minutes and work muscles all over the body, including hips, thighs, stomach, arms, and back. Our fitness equipment can stand alone or be a great compliment to an existing tanning salon.

Slender You® is constantly thinking expansion. We currently have our fitness machines marketed throughout Canada, Europe, Australia and the United States. With thousands of businesses worldwide, our expansion process is perpetual and we continue to move forward, adding salons in various territories.

If you are interested in more information on our commercial fitness equipment and business venture, please contact us. Or if you are interested in your own personal low impact toning table, please visit our home fitness equipment website.

The world's leader in providing quality, motorized exercise equipment.

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