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Fitness Business vs Fitness Franchise

We Are the Largest and Oldest Manufacturer and Supplier of Motorized Exercise Equipment in the World.

Slender You® offers an opportunity to have your own fitness business unlike a franchise. Most franchises, including fitness business franchises, have ongoing monthly costs associated with running the business. These fees can include things like royalties, advertising costs, and licensing fees. And although each franchise has it’s own costs associated with it, our fitness business does not subject you to any of these recurring costs.

What we do offer is this:

  • On location training: As a Slender You® Figure Salon owner or operator you receive a minimum of 4 days on-site training. This includes general business operations, fitness analysis, and toning machine operation and maintenance.
  • Advertising and promotional support: This may sound like something a fitness business franchise charges, however this is not a national brand advertising cost, this is a personalized advertising package to get your business flourishing. The promotional items can be reorder at your discretion.
  • Unique no-obligation program: Unlike many of the other health clubs and fitness franchises, Slender You®does not sell memberships. There is no need to “hook” people with a contract; we’ve found they want to return regularly on their own.
  • Free first visit and figure analysis: The customers first visit is always free. They receive a figure analysis, a mini workout on the fitness machines, and an introduction to nutritional programs. This gets people in the door to see the value of becoming a regular at your unique fitness business.
  • Follow up support: Although many fitness business franchises do have on going support, we pride ourselves on truly helping you make your fitness business a success. Our toll free number is 1-800-794-7070 and we are always happy to help with questions or problems.

If you are in the market for any type of business or franchise, you would be doing yourself a disservice if you do not look at all of your options. Contact us today about becoming your own boss with our unique fitness business opportunity.

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