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About Slender You®

We Are the Largest and Oldest Manufacturer and Supplier of Motorized Exercise Equipment in the World.

Slender You® has been in business since 1983 as the world’s largest motorized fitness system. Since the opening of the first Slender You® Figure Salon in Orlando, Florida over 20 years ago, more than 3,000 salons have opened worldwide with locations throughout Europe and in all of the fifty states including the Caribbean. The Slender You® Figure Salon business is very different from most small businesses. Your clients feel better; have more energy, experience greater flexibility, their aches and pains decrease, and most slim down one or two dress sizes without even losing weight. Excellent physical therapy for joint replacement, arthritis, and MS patients as well. We want to make sure you have an effective and smooth start, so as a Slender You® Figure Salon owner and operator, you receive on-site training from our business experts, in addition to advertising and promotional support to get your business up and running in no time. At Slender You®, we don’t just build motorized exercise equipment, we build a business. Since 1983, Slender You® Figure Salons have been providing successful opportunities for savvy entrepreneurs and “newcomers” alike all around the world. That’s why we can truly say, “We’re not just in the ‘equipment building’ business, we’re in the ‘salon building’ business.”

The world's leader in providing quality, motorized exercise equipment.

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