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 We’re not just in the fitness equipment building business, we’re in the salon building business.

Toning TablesHow would you like to run your own fitness business, make more money or expand your existing hair, nail or tanning salon? Then Slender You® Figure Salon is definitely the business opportunity for you. With a Slender You® Figure Salon and toning tables you can help women and seniors achieve their personal fitness goals while you build a successful fitness business.

A Slender You® Figure Salon is a great business opportunity for those who want to capitalize on the growing number of older adults who remain active – this is not a franchise!   With Slender You® you owe no monthly royalties or advertising payments – there are no licensing fees! A Slender You® figure salon is a toning table fitness equipment purchase only – you own the fitness business!

Get started with Slender You® by downloading our business information package, calling us toll-free 1-800-794-7070 in the U.S. or 931-484-0808 internationally or completing our information request form.

Benefits of toning tables are that there is no jumping or straining of muscles and joints that one must endure with more traditional exercising. Toning tables also take stress off of the joints and muscles

Toning tables are also believed to relax overused muscles while tightening underused muscles at the same time. Toning tables improves the body’s form and posture basically by repositioning itself .

Toning table can help improve circulation, and can be good for people who are easily fatigued when exercising. The toning tables can also increase blood and lymph-fluid circulation.

Not only can toning tables help improve circulation, but can actually can re-engineer a person’s body posture because it can take away the stress on joints and muscles from bad body positioning and would force other muscles to come into play.

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